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Some great feedback about Table Talk for Easter

Some great feedback about Table Talk for Easter

We thoroughly appreciate it when someone writes to tell us what is wrong with what we have created or takes the time to list the many ways that something can be enhanced.

Life is too short to let our egos get in the way of listening to people who might have a valuable contribution to make.

Every now and then we receive an email that is an overwhelming encouragement, what follows below is one such correspondence...

Message: Dear Team I just wanted to thank you for making your Easter Table Talk app freely accessible. 
We have just used it a Good Friday Messy Church session and it started some really profound conversations. It definitely sparked our small number of teenagers - they launched straight into some amazing conversations and involved their parents too, which was great to see. 
However what moved me most was how younger children could really engage with these questions in a surprisingly mature and direct way. One 10 year old chose the subject Death. I was aware that his grandma died two weeks ago, so I suggested we made it 'question or nominate' and this led to a very precious and gentle shared time talking about something we would never have discussed in any depth otherwise. Similarly, an 8 yr old blew me away with his answers to questions about forgiveness! His mum was very proud to see how he related these answers to his own life experiences and day to day examples of love-in-action. 
So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Often at Messy Church we're so busy doing exciting activities that sometimes the 'quality interactions' are a bit rushed, noisy or missing. Today it was a great privilege to share some really tricky questions in the context of a very unthreatening iPad. 
I put details about your products on the takeaway menu (taken home by each family) so hopefully the word will continue to be passed around.... 

Thank you.