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A day at Tabor College: Australia 2016 (Nov. 15)

Paul discusses potential uses for Table Talk in ministry context with a group of Sydney area Church of Christ pastors.
       Thanks to the invitation of our Church of Christ friend Mark Riessen, we spent the morning at Adelaide's Tabor College, a Christian college whose offered degrees include various ministry-related ones. Our first session involved a discussion with current Church of Christ ministers surrounding the challenges and joys of their ministry contexts and how evangelism operates both in and out of these contexts.
       For the afternoon, Paul led another discussion on the role of evangelism in today's culture, this time with ministry students currently attending Tabor College. Both groups were sharp-minded and engaged as we worked together toward a new understanding of evangelism and evangelism resources.

       We then used our afternoon to review new Resolve videos our producer sent over. Each day is one day closer to an exciting conclusion!