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One meeting, two friends and three sisters: Australia 2016 (Nov. 18)

Late yesterday evening we made the trip to the Blue Mountains, a huge National Park and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also, coincidentally, where Baptist minister, friend and host Philip Waugh lives.

Springwood Anglican Church leadership lean in to see Paul's demonstration of the Table Talk app.

Therefore, we were able to wake up in the morning ready for a lunch meeting with the Anglican church in the nearby town of Springwood. Through a fortuitous set of circumstances, this meeting was arranged with the help of two friends from St. James in Bream!

We loved getting to see some friendly faces and talk familiar geography. It's a Bream reunion!

From left: Phil, Paul, Sharon, and Sisters 1-3

The day's excitement continued with a trip to see the Three Sisters, a trio of sandstone pillars in the Blue Mountains. To Sharon's delight, they were not clouded in fog as they were the last time she came. You can see them for yourself!