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Goodbye to Adelaide: Australia 2016 (Nov. 16)

       This is it: our last day in Adelaide for the trip! Our time here flew by (sometimes literally, if you consider the winds rolling off of the ocean this week). Because we needed to prepare for Sydney, Paul, Sharon and Sarah spent the morning ironing out details for our final stop and continuing to tweak Resolve. 
Who knew the standard 52-card deck could tell you so much about the Bible?
       We changed gears to speak with Geoff, who works with Church of Christ's CareWorks as a community-builder in several settings. We told Geoff about Puzzling Questions, Table Talk and The Happiness Lab and, in return, he told us the story of the prodigal son using a standard 52-card deck. It was a productive meeting for all of us. 
       After lunch, we met with another set of Church of Christ leaders to get an even broader sense of Australian contemporary church context. 
Mark (left) and Paul say goodbye until next time!

       We left the meeting for the airport, where we reluctantly said goodbye to Mark and to Adelaide itself. Once we land in Sydney, we'll start the final leg of this trip in Australia, and we're looking forward to a great week ahead.