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A garden party: Australia 2016 (Nov. 17)

From left: Paul, Joh, Ian and Sharon meet in the Church of Christ division office.
       Paul, Sharon and Sarah continued working with Church of Christ connections this morning in Sydney. John and Ian from the Church of Christ office were interested in what Paul had to say about training and supporting lay evangelists.

Garden party attendees enjoyed some Australian sunshine and conversation.

       This week also has us heading all over the suburbs and neighbourhoods of the city, and this afternoon was no exception. Rick Mumford, pastor at Wentworthville Baptist Church, took us out to Wentworthville so that Sharon and Sarah could participate in a women's garden party. We bonded over cake disasters, Sharon shared her story and we ended the afternoon tea with a thought-provoking round of Table Talk for Women.
Sharon demonstrates the Table Talk app over a round of refreshments.

       We finished in time for a dinner with Wentworthville Baptist Church leadership, which was an excellent chance to get to know the congregation we will be working with over the weekend and simply to enjoy each other's company.