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On air in Adelaide : Australia 2016 (Nov. 14)

From left: Paul, Frank and Sharon take in St. Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide.

Today is in the running for our busiest day yet in Australia. We caught a tram into the city for a morning meeting with St. Peter's cathedral Dean Frank Nelson and spent our time discussing the role cathedrals play in the Adelaide community. 

Paul and Sharon share a laugh during a radio interview at LifeFM. 

Our next stop was radio station LifeFM! Thanks to an interview with Lyn Arnolds, Sharon and Paul were able to share information about UDC and our hopes regarding Australia with a larger audience. We look forward to hearing the finished product!

From left: Sharon, Paul and Andrew meet on a sunny day to discuss UDC resources.

The day continued still with Church Development Facilitator at Baptist Churches of SA Andrew Turner and his insights on further connections within Australia's Baptist community.

Finally, we were joined for dinner by Greg, Mark and their wives, Elaine and Verity. We're so fortunate as we spend more and more time in Australia to nurture truly deep and joy-filled relationships not just as colleagues, but as friends.