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Australia 2016: the adventure begins (Nov. 3)

       Two planes later, Paul, Sharon and Sarah have made it safe and sound to Australia and have successfully made it through days one and two in Melbourne. Because of our location for the month of November, prepare for us to refer to ourselves as the UDCDU contingent (the Ugly Duckling Company Down Under). 

Cross Culture
We are so fortunate to be set up with an office right along Swanston Street, which features a downtown hub for dining, the stunning architecture of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and access to the river that flows right through the city. Nestled into the midst of this, right across from the Queen Victoria Library, is Cross Culture, and therefore us! Cross Culture is a congregation of roughly 600 with services that cater to Australia's English and Mandarin-speaking populations, and they are serving as our office hosts and for the week.


We've been sure to make the most of it today. Together with our team on the other half of the world (hi England!), we're hard at work on the delegate's guide for our newest resource, Resolve. The accompanying DVD resource is in its editing stages, we've signed off on the material for the facilitator's guide, and now our four-week course on positive life changes during the new year is even closer to completion! 

Paul Griffiths with David Chatilier (right), together at Cross Culture for a video shoot and conversation
Today also featured a visit from David Chatilier, Mission Catalyst for the Baptist Union Victoria. He was the lucky first to be filmed for our December social media project! At each location on this Australia trip we will be asking people to be part of short videos featuring questions from Table Talk for Christmas. We would tell you more, but that would spoil the Christmas surprise, wouldn't it?