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To the trains! Australia 2016 (Nov. 4)

Flinders Street Station, lit by the setting sun
  Today was our chance to experience the Australian train system in its glory. Melbourne is a beautiful mix of modern aesthetics and traditional architecture. The Flinders Street Station stands out as one of the later, a beautiful rust yellow stone giant with green accents towering over streets of businesspeople weaving back and forth among the crowd. 

From left: Paul, Bill, Sharon and Sarah enjoy their meeting at Syndal Baptist Church
Our first trip was to the Syndal suburb, where three of the largest Baptist churches in Melbourne exist within 15 minutes of each other. We spent the morning in conversation with Bill Brown, the pastor of Syndal Baptist Church. After another changeover at Flinders Street, we headed toward Thomastown for a chance to speak with one of the Salvation Army's Divisional Leaders, Major Michael Wright. Michael's interest in the Table Talk apps is a very real reminder of their applicability, specifically for Salvation Army's small group meetings.