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Christmas and conversation: Australia 2016 (Nov. 7 & 8)

Creative Ministries Pastor Abrahm Gunn hops in front of the camera in the spirit of Christmas.
      Monday was the first of two days set aside for our Table Talk for Christmas filming project. We had a few brave takers, and we can't wait to see who else will be willing as the trip continues! Sarah loves these filming sessions because they provide a chance for us to get to know a little bit about the individuals that frequent Cross Culture, the congregation we've reached out to film. We can say with certainty that she knows more about snowboarding, dogs and Japanese food than she did when the day began!

Bert, a theology student and gem aficionado, helps us out with our Table Talk video project.
       In true UDC style, Monday was fast-paced and conversation-heavy. In addition to the Table Talk interviews, our team spoke with various clergy to better understand where the Ugly Duckling Company fits in Australian culture and to collaborate on ways to expand fledgling ideas on both sides.

The Cross Culture music director rounds out Monday's group of interviews.

Tuesday’s filming brought in a few more people still; this week in Melbourne has been a good start to what we’re hoping will be quite the archive come December! While Tuesday was also well-spent in conversation, it also provided an opportunity to peruse some of Resolve’s filmed resources and to write even more of the accompanying guides. It’s hard (and thrilling!) to see the clock counting down to the New Year and to the launch of Resolve.