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To Horsham! Australia 2016 (Nov. 9)

       Today we said goodbye to Melbourne and officially drew a close to our first week in Australia. It's hard to believe how much such a relatively short period of time can hold; we talked, laughed and prayed with so many wonderful people in that week! 
This koala is 14 meters tall! From left: Paul, Sarah, Sharon, Simon
However, we're looking ahead toward even more of the same. For today, that meant a train trip to Horsham. Our new friend Simon is a Churches of Christ pastor there, and he ensured that it was a day of incredible hospitality. 

Sharon and Sarah with their lovely host, Joan (right)
The three of us were hosted overnight by different church members. Joan, who hosted Sharon and Sarah, had all three of us over for a delicious dinner and joined over 50 others at a local church for Paul's evening seminar. 
Horsham community churchgoers gather to play and critique the Table Talk games.
This time, the attendees had a chance to play Table Talk and discuss faith-sharing in a secular context. The evening was lively and, as a bonus, caught even more lovely faces on video for our Christmas project (the same one we talked about on Nov. 3 and Nov. 7). 

Trying the Table Talk app

While today was our only day in Horsham, we were touched by the hospitality and interest we were shown. We're already on to Adelaide tomorrow, but with Horsham it's only goodbye for now!