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Spreading out to speak: Australia 2016 (Nov. 13)

       Our team split this morning to spread UDC across as much of Adelaide as we could. Sharon shared a sermon on dwelling at St. Oswald’s Anglican Church while Paul spoke on evangelism at St. John’s in Salisbury, a nearby community. Sarah and Paul were treated to the company (and later the coffee!) of assistant minister Ben, and the UDC three regrouped for a lunch and afternoon with Stephen Bloor, which featured a stormy seafront view, a lively discussion on the future of UDC Australia and, among other things, an educational introduction to the inner workings of the Australian parliamentary system. Bloor will be leading the Big Conversation in Salisbury.
Ben (right) interviews Sharon before her talk at the All Nations service Sunday evening
       In the evening, our party of four returned to St. John’s for Sharon’s second talk of the day. The evening service, titled All Nations, featured an intimate and relaxed service with a focus on music and Sharon’s talk. After the friendly welcomes of several attendees, everyone returned home with hopes that tomorrow would bring a little more sunshine. We’ll see!